She’s Always Right !

Yesterday I talked to my wife (and I really do love her by the way!), regarding the way I set up my website. She asked me: “What is your product ?” I said, well err….images ? “That’s right” she said, images. And where do I find them on your website ?
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Photography and Blogging ?

There are a lot of articles written about this subject and I’m adding one to the equation. Most photographers don’t blog, period. What’s the use ? People visit a photographer’s site with only one purpose: images. And if you start explaining what the image is about, then that image has missed the point completely, right ? So why should you blog ?
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Different styles to an image

Because I had some time on my hands, I decided to work on an image I had in my collection for a while. It’s a portrait of a good friend of ours and I was not sure what ‘style’ would bring out her features better, black and white or a more painterly look ?

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WordPress theme change

Sometimes it is necessary to change. Life is dynamic after all! Only I change things a lot more often I guess…

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